This apartment is also available for commercial rentals for the Festivals held throughout the year in Cannes.
It is is very convenient for those staying or exhibiting at the Festivals in Cannes.
If you want a convenient spacious accommodation while at a festival then do contact us.

We also have professional chefs, cleaners and drivers available.
The apartment size means that your team can stay in comfort. The dining table seats 10 comfortably and you can therefore entertain your guests and have meetings easily.    You will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms and 100m2 of space with a 20m2 balcony with outside lighting.
Golfe-Juan is next to Cannes - about 10 mins from the Palais des Festivals.
We also can provide helpers assist with stands and general work.  The apartment has private parking and easy access for you and your guests.   You can reach the Palais des Festivals by a direct bus about 250m away from the apartment or by Taxi.  The advantage of not being in Cannes is that you have spacious accommodation, easy parking and yet are only 10-15 minutes away. You will be dealing directly with us, the owners, and so get a much more competitive deal

Please note that where booking fall over into another week slot, we will charge a proportionate figure plus an extra charge whch will reflect the non-availability for the rest of the week

Festival Calendar for Cannes 2019 Prices for a 7 day period







12 Mar 19

15 Mar 19


Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale - World Music Market


08 Apr 19

11 Apr 19


Marché International des Programmes de Télévision - Audivisual and digital conten

Cannes Film

14 May 19

25 May 19


Festival International du Film - Cannes International Film Festival


4 Jun 19

07 Jun 19


Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale - World Music Market


17 Jun 19

21 Jun 19


Festival du Film Publicitaire / Lions Advertising Festival


14Oct 19

17 Oct 19


Marché International des Programmes pour la Télévision, la Vidéo, le Câble et la Satellite

 Bridge Festival

24 May 2019

2 June 2019


Juan  les Pins / Antibes Bridge Festival

Festivals 2019