FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

About the Apartment Agreement
1.Do I need to bring bed linen and towels ?
No -  bed linen and towels are provided, and this included in the cost.
If you need more frequent changes please tell us in advance and it can be arranged.  Please don’t wash the sheets in the washing machine, frankly it does not give good results and wears out the washing machine, we have them professionally laundered. Upon your arrival the beds will already be made.  Please ensure that you have told us in advance how many people are coming.  Beach Towels are  not however provided

2.Is there a baby cot ?
Yes,  both a travelling baby cot and high chair are available without charge. Sheets/quilts are not provided with the cot.

3.At what time can I arrive at the apartment ?
As the apartment has to be thoroughly  cleaned before your arrival, we schedule normal arrival times to be not before 17:00 hours. Our manager normally stops at 21:00 hours promptly. Please schedule your flights or travel itinerary accordingly. We can be flexible for unforeseen circumstances but we also have to be strict on working hours to keep up with the heavy workload in the high season.  Please keep us informed of delayed flights, traffic problems or other problems that are delay your arrival.

4.At what time should I leave the apartment?
You are requested to leave the apartment  by 10:00 hours. Please advise our manger in advance of  your actual departure time so he can arrange to meet you.

5.Can I use the apartment/grounds to throw big parties?
The summer is a time be outside with a glass of wine and enjoy dining in the open air. Please do so, and enjoy your holiday. But we ask you to respect the apartment as well as the common areas of the property. Big parties or loud music and noise or any other event that enhances the possibility of damage to the property and/or causes annoyance in the direct neighbourhood are not allowed.   Should this happen we reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately without any refunds.

6.Am I responsible for any breakages or damage, even accidental, during my stay?
Yes, you are. The apartment will be checked when you leave and any problems noted. Significant Damage that occurs during your stay will be charged to you. You should inform our manger before leaving the property of any breakages or damage that has occurred, as we do not charge you for the odd broken glass or plate, but we want to replace all items so that everything is perfect for our next visitors.
We strongly advise you to inform him within 24 hours upon your arrival of any problems that you observe to avoid wrong attribution of  any losses or damages to you.

7. Who do I call for minor problems
We have a local management company who will call  techicians as needed.  However you are expected to take care of routine small matters such as light bulbs that need changing or putting more salt in the dishwasher water softener, minor blockages to shower outlets etc..

General questions and remarks
1.Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?
Yes the water is fine  The water from any of the taps in the apartments can be used as drinking water.

2.I would like to return from my holiday with a sun tan
Many people do. But please take care as, the summer sun is very strong and can cause a lot of damage to your skin if you do not protect yourself with a high factor sun lotion.    All the supermarkets stock sun tan lotions for that purpose. Avoid staying in the sun between noon and 4:00 pm  for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

3.The property has a pool but my children can’t swim.
You are entirely responsible for the safety of your children during your stay . The apartment pool is fenced off.  No lifeguard is is provided. We strongly recommend that one person in your party supervises the children at all times. The children should also wear inflatable “wings” or life jackets designed to that purpose.  Children should not be left unwatched at the pool even for a minute

4.Can we have barbecue at any time?
The balcony and common grounds are not suitable for barbecues.  Should you drive out into the countryside during the dry summer months there is a high risk of forest fires. For that reason open fires are prohibited in the the  Var. Fixed stone barbecues are allowed in the Alpes Maritimes and you will find these in beautiful spots in teh nearby woods. Be careful with the stand alone barbecues especially on a windy day. The local fire brigade might show up and ask you  to put the fire out.

5. Will there be any supplies in the Apartment when I come
Our cleaners will have cleaned out the refrigerator and cupboards of perishables so it will usually be empty.  There are normally some supplies of Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Squashes, Oil, Vinega, Pasta  and Kitchen essentials.  There are also cleaning materials, toilet paper, dishwasher salt etc.   If these run out, we ask you to replace these and leave any unused supplies  behind when you leave for our next guests.   Some shops are open on Sundays and late on Saturdays.   Our manager can arrange for any shopping you need to be done for your before your arrival.  In July and August the larger supermarkets now open on Sundays.